NANO-EH Methodology

NANO-EH has the ambitious vision of creating a pathway for translating forefront knowledge of unique high frequency properties of emerging classes of energy harvesting nanomaterials (HfZrO and 2D MoS2) into advanced device engineering for scalable miniaturized energy harvesting/storage submodules that are tailored for the specific needs of stand-alone, mobile or portable uses in 4IR, Connected Heath and mobile telecommunication application. It surpasses the current paradigm of energy harvesting materials by developing non-toxic and rare earth/lead-free materials exhibiting CMOS-compatibility and scalability for low cost and large-scale manufacturing.

NANO-EH More-then-More technological platform primarily exploits the abundant clean source of always-on RF energy over an extended spectrum range (2G/3G/Wi-Fi/5G) while integrating on-chip energy storage functionalities.