Nano technologies for IOT

Nanomaterials Enabling Smart Energy Harvesting for Next-Generation Internet-of-Things

smart nanomaterials, non-toxic, recyclability

NANO-EH wants to exploit smart nanomaterials that are non-toxic, lead- and rare earth-free materials, and will demonstrate their recyclability potential at module level. This can be especially useful in the context of communication technologies and further development of Internet of Things (IoT) for newer application such as personalised medicine of the future, smart farming and environmental monitoring

NANO-EH has the ambitious vision of creating a pathway for translating forefront knowledge of unique high frequency properties of emerging classes of nanomaterials into advanced device engineering for scalable miniaturized energy harvesting and energy storage modules tailored for the specific needs of stand-alone, mobile or portable for next generation IoT.

scalable miniaturized energy harvesting, energy storage modules tailored, stand-alone, mobile or portable

clean source always-on RF energy

NANO-EH More-then-More technological platform primarily exploits the abundant clean source of always-on RF energy over an extended spectrum range (2G/3G/Wi-Fi/5G) while integrating on-chip energy storage functionalities.

The 4th Industrial Revolution builds on use of emerging technologies and their fusion in the sense of blending of physical and digital spheres. As the modern society grows, the new urges for efficient, sustainable and ecological materials has increased. NANO-EH will follow this trend and focus on possible improvement of energy harvesting materials.

efficient sustainable and ecological materials, improvement of energy harvesting materials